WPS-2800 series

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WPS-2800 series
Whelen 2800 series.jpeg

All ten models side-by-side.

Company Whelen Engineering
Produced 1991-2006
Type Electronic
Sound output 108-126 dBc at 100 feet
Wattage 400-4000 Watts
Preceded by WPS-2700 series
Succeeded by WPS-2900 series
Documentation Manual
Product sheet

The WPS-2800 series was a line of electronic, omnidirectional sirens produced by Whelen Engineering. They were an update to the WPS-2700 series, supporting more cells in a stack.

They can be identified from the WPS-2700 series and WPS-2900 series by their large, visible screens close to the outer edges of the cells.


The very first WPS-2800s used the same analog ESC-864 controllers utilized by their predecessors. These were soon replaced by digital ESC-864s running at a 465 hz base frequency. Towards the latter half of the series' production, the 864 was succeeded by the ESC-2020, which used 435 hz as a base frequency. These controllers soon became infamous for reliability issues and clipping tones, and soon before the 2800 series was replaced, a new revision of the 2020 appeared, using a 560 hz base frequency. Not many of these were installed with 2800s, as they were soon replaced by the WPS-2900 line.


Model Image Output Drivers Notes
WPS-2801 WPS 2801 Official.jpeg 108 dBc 1
WPS-2802 WPS 2802 Official.jpeg 114 dBc 2
WPS-2803 WPS 2803 Official.jpeg 115 dBc 3
WPS-2804 WPS 2804 Official.jpeg 118 dBc 4
WPS-2805 WPS 2805 Official.jpeg 119 dBc 5
WPS-2806 WPS 2806 Official.jpeg 121 dBc 6
WPS-2807 WPS 2807 Official.jpeg 123 dBc 7
WPS-2808 WPS 2808 Official.jpeg 124 dBc 8
WPS-2809 WPS 2809 Official.jpeg 125 dBc 9
WPS-2810 WPS 2810 Official.jpeg 126 dBc 10

Notable systems using this model/series