Alertronic Series

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Alertronic Series
Allertronic Ad Image Unofficial.png
Company Alerting Communicators of America & American Signal Corporation
Produced Late 1980s-2008?
Type Electronic
Sound output 108-126 dBc at 100 feet
Frequency 700 Hz
Wattage 400-3200
Succeeded by E-Class (?)

The Alertronic series was a line of electronic sirens produced by Alerting Communicators of America and later American Signal Corporation. They were 24VDC sirens.

Model Image Output Drivers Notes
AL-1000 ASC Allertronic AL-1000 & 2000.jpeg 108 dBc 4
AL-2000 ASC Allertronic AL-1000 & 2000.jpeg 112 dBc 8
AL-4000 ASC Allertronic AL-4000.jpeg 116 dBc 16
AL-6000 ASC Alertronic AL-6000.jpeg 121 dBc 24
AL-8000 ASC Alertronic AL-8000.jpeg 126 dBc 32