Cobb County, Georgia

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Cobb County Weather Sirens
Type County
Location Cobb County, Georgia
Date installed DeKalb Thunderbolts: 1989
Current system: Various ~2002-2013
Status Active
Testing dates 1st Wednesday of the month
Testing times 12:00 PM

Cobb County, in the U.S. state of Georgia, maintains a system of 74 sirens, comprised mostly of Whelen Vortex and WPS-2810 sirens, with a small amount of Federal Signal 2001-SRN units. It is tested on the first Wednesday of the month at noon in 3 minutes of alert. Additionally, the city of Smyrna and Kennesaw State University maintain separate systems of their own, both of which test with the county. There was formerly a system of older sirens, mainly Tbolts and SD-10s, as well as STH-10s, but a majority have been removed. The only remaining old sirens are in Smyrna, in addition to one in marietta.


1989: The DeKalb & Atlanta purchases

2000s-present: Out with the old

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