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HPSS16R Located In Eagle, WI
Company Acoustic Technology, Incorporated
Produced Early 2000's?-2018
Type Electronic
Sound output 120? dBc at 100 feet
Wattage 400x2 (HPSS16R)/400x4 (HPSS32R)


The HPSS-16R was a variant of the HPSS16, but it’s a rotating version. This siren is closely related to the Whelen WPS-4000 Series in how it functions, as well as it's physical appearance. Both using a throat to project sound, a very similar rotator; lacking collector rings and utilizing belts to drive the system. This siren operates with 2 speakers (drivers). These sirens are very uncommon, as they are said to have just released, and not known to be the most reliable. For a while, the HPSS-16R was also offered in a 3200 watt, HPSS-32 rotating variant, known as the HPSS-32R. The HPSS-32R was similar to the HPSS-16R, except it had four throats instead of two and double the wattage. The HPSS-32R is only known to be in at least one system. In 2018, ATI quietly discontinued the HPSS-16R and has removed the siren from their product line and website.