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Company Alerting Communicators of America
Produced 1968-1981
Type Electromechanical
Sound output 130 dBc at 100 feet

The Hurricane is an Electromechanical siren manufactured by Alerting Communicators of America. This siren was meant to compete with Federal Signal's Thunderbolt series sirens. Two known models were produced. The Hurricane 130, which was a square horned model. Eventually, the horn was made round and the model was changed to Hurricane MKII 130. In 1981, ACA ceased production of the Hurricane in favor of the P-50. The Hurricane is an 8/10 port siren.

A Hurricane two years before being removed in Garland, Texas

Cities using the Hurricane

Cities Using Or That Have Used The ACA Hurricane Number of Sirens, Operation Status Model
Addyston, OH 1, Removed, in private possession MKII-130
Baxter, MN 1, Removed 130
Normal, IL 2 (Exact number unknown), Removed MII-130
Crystal River, FL Approximately 10, Removed (Crystal River NPP system) MKII-130
Centralia, IL 1, Removed In 2010, In Private Possession 130
Darien, IL 2, 1 Still Operational, 1 Removed for Private Possession. MKII-130
Fayetteville, OH 1, Removed MKII-130
Garland, TX 4, Removed MKII-130
Greendale, WI 1, Removed MKII-130
Greenville, TX 2, most likely inactive MKII-130
La Crescent, MN 3, Removed (1 Hurricane MKII-130 is replaced by a Sentry siren and other Hurricane is replaced by a Federal Signal 2001-130) MKII-130
Milwaukee, WI 2, 1 operational. The other one is stored at the American Signal Corporation Headquarters. More were installed in the city at one time MKII-130
Rolling Meadows, IL 3, replaced in the 1980s with Allertronics 130 -

Hurricane MKII 130 in Milwaukee, WI.