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Kendallville Warning System
Banshee located near Slater's Concrete Products
Type City
Location Kendallville, IN
Date installed Screamers and industrial park Banshee: 1985
Fairview Plaza and Downtown Banshees: 1992
Baby Mountain OM-117: 1996
2001-SRNB's: 2006
Slater's Banshee: 2012
Main and Waits 2001-130: 2014
Status Active
Testing dates Every Saturday except in November, December, January, and Feburary.
Testing times 12:00 PM

Kendallville, is a city in Noble County in the state of Indiana. Kendallville has 4 Screamers, 4 Banshees, an OM-117, 4 2001-SRNB's, and a 2001-130.


Earliest knowledge

Sometime in the 1960's a Federal Signal SD-10 was installed at Slater's Concrete Products off of Wayne Street. According to a Kendallville resident, this was one of Kendallville's first sirens.

Beginning of ACA sirens in Kendallville

In 1985, 9 Screamers, and a Banshee were installed. All were painted yellow, and all except for two 1985 installations were roof-mounted.

After the 1992 Tornado

On July, 14th, 1992, a tornado causing 5-10 million dollars in damage on the east side of town to homes ripped through. At that time, there was little warning and there wasn't any time to activate the sirens. But that same year, two Banshee sirens were installed. One behind Fairview Shopping Center, and the other at Main Street and Diamond Street in Downtown.


In 1996, on Baby Mountain, an OM-117 was added for additional coverage.

Return to Federal Signal

In 2006, 4 2001-SRNB's were installed in Kendallville. Three were installed for additional coverage, however one replaced the downtown Banshee.

Beginning of a system makeover

In 2009, the then replaced Banshee that used to sit in downtown Kendallville was relocated to the Sports Complex. The siren now sits one mile away from the industrial park Banshee. Sometime around then, the Screamer that used to sit on the Kraft Plant was removed. In 2011, the water department Screamer was also removed since the downtown 2001-SRNB was a few blocks away. In 2012, the SD-10 was decommissioned due to trees preventing maintenance. The siren was replaced by a hand-me-down Banshee. The siren never worked until it was heard on July, 26th, 2014 during a weekly test. In 2013, the Screamer at the old Wayne Center building was uninstalled, and reinstalled on a pole.

The Screamers are going away

In 2014, the Main Street and Waits Road Screamer was replaced by a 2001-130. The 2001 ran an attack signal until Kendallville's first 2015 test. The old Screamer was going to be reinstalled somewhere for additional coverage, but confirmed by an E-Mail by the Fire Department, the Screamer is being used for parts. In early 2015, the Screamer off of Mitchell Street was removed, with no replacement. In 2016, the Kendallville Custom Printing Screamer was removed. It sat inactive at least 4 years ago when it was discovered the 2001-SRNB at Angling, Road would still cover the area.

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