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Memphis Outdoor Warning Siren System

Compulert controller screen for the City of Memphis

Type City
Location Memphis, Tennessee
Date installed 1950s - Present
Status Active
Testing dates Each Wednesday
Testing times 3:30PM

Memphis, Tennessee maintains a system of 109 outdoor warning sirens. They include Federal Signal Thunderbolts and 2001s, ACA P-10s, P-15s, and P-50s, ASC T-128s, a Whelen 2910, a B&N Mobil Directo, a Sentry 20V2T [needs citation] and a Darley Champion. Memphis is believed to have one of the most diverse operational siren systems in the country. The sirens are tested each Wednesday at 3:30pm in Alert.


The first siren installed in Memphis was the single tone Biersach & Niedermeyer Mobil Directo located atop East High School on Poplar Avenue, which still runs today. Originally powered by gasoline, the siren was eventually converted to run off of electricity.

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