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All four models side by side.

Company Whelen Engineering
Produced ?-present
Type Electronic
Sound output 108-118 dBc at 100 feet
Wattage 400-1600 Watts
Documentation Manual


The Omni-Alert Series, formerly called the Vortex-O Series, is a line of electronic sirens produced by Whelen Engineering. They are essentially WPS-2900 series siren heads with Type-1 control cabinets that lack voice capability, much like the Vortex series.

An older OA2 using a WPS-2800 series head in Pawnee, IL (Pi_User)


Model Image Output Drivers Product Sheet
OA1 WPS2901 Official.jpeg 108 1x400W OA1
OA2 WPS2902 Official.jpeg 114 2x400W OA2
OA3 WPS2903 Official.jpeg 115 3x400W OA3
OA4 WPS2904 Official.jpeg 118 4x400W OA4