Penetrator series

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The Penetrator series is a series of rotating sirens by Alerting Communicators of America that mainly consisted of 4 models: The P-10, P-15, PN-20, and the P-50.

Penetrator series
P-50 Official.jpg
Company Alerting Communicators of America, American Signal Corporation
Type Electromechanical
Horsepower 10, 15, and 50
Succeeded by T-128 T-135 AC/DC


This model was the first to appear, slightly after the Allertor 125. It uses the same 10 HP motor to drive the 9/12 port stator. This model can sometimes be differed from its look-alike twin, the P-15, by its intake cone. However it depends, because the dual tone P-15 shares the same intake cone as the P-10 does. The P-10 does not use the cylindric intake found on single tone P-15s. That is limited to the P-15 only.


This siren was nearly identical to its older brother, but is instead powered by a 15 HP motor. Some models have been equipped with dampers in the tube to create coded signals.


This type began as the problematic Performance+ Penatrator, made especially for Dane County, Wisconsin. The siren was intended to be 100% DC, but was never perfected, and thus the project was scrapped. The Penatrator-20 uses the 9 port rotor from the Screamer S5, and was attached

An inactive P-15 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


The P-50, later known as the RM-135 and T-135-AC, was the biggest model of the Penetrator series, packing a massive 50HP motor pushing a sound output of 135dBc @ 100 feet. It's vastly different from it's smaller brothers sharing it's rotor and stator with the Cyclone. It holds the title of the world's loudest dual-tone siren as well as the loudest electric powered siren.