Rickmers Shipyard

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Rickmers Shipyard
Unit in Ruesselsheim before it was replaced by a Hormann ECN in 2010.
Company Rickmers Shipyard
Produced mid 1960s
Type Pneumatic
Sound output ? dBc at 100 feet
Frequency 427 Hz

The Rickmers Shipyard HLS ,was a limited produced German Pneumatic siren made by Rickmers Shipyard. The siren worked like all the other German Pneumatic sirens utilizing a Diesel engine that powered an air compressor and generator to charge a set of accumulators. Unfourtantly ,only 5 sirens were produced due to Pintsch Bamag and Hormann having the market cornered for HLS sirens. None are in service today ,2 in Darmstadt still are complete units ,but Hormann HLS-273s replaced them and now sit on top of their heads. There was a 3rd one also in Darmstadt ,but was removed in 2006. The 4th one is in Russelsheim and was replaced by a Hormann ECN in 2010 ,the tower of the rickmers Shipyard HLS remains ,but now supports the ECN. And the 5th one was also in Russelsheim and was removed in the 1996.

Base of the Rickmers Werft tower. The door leads to a ladder ,and down the ladder is the engine ,generator ,and accumulators.