Vortex series

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Vortex series
Vortex Official.jpg
Company Whelen Engineering
Produced ?-present
Type Electronic
Sound output 122?-129 dBc at 100 feet
Wattage Dx400W


The Vortex-R Series is a line of electronic sirens produced by Whelen Engineering. They are essentially 4000-series siren heads with Type-1 control cabinets that lack voice capability much like the Omni-Alert series. The Vortex-R Series contains a rectangular rotator unlike the square rotator in the 4004. Unlike the 4000 Series, one- and two-driver models were offered. Older models have a large fin mounted on the rear of the driver assembly, a trait inherited from the 4000 series.

A Vortex Finback in Blissfield, MI(amtrak3501)


Model Output dBc Drivers Product Sheet
VORTEXR2 124[1] 2x400W VORTEXR2
VORTEXR3 127[2] 3x400W VORTEXR3
VORTEXR4 129[3] 4x400W VORTEXR4