WPS-2700 series

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WPS-2700 series

A WPS-2740 in Columbiana, Ohio.

Company Whelen Engineering
Produced 1987-1991
Type Electronic
Sound output 109-121 dBc at 100 feet
Succeeded by WPS-2800 series (1991)

The WPS-2700 series was a line of electronic, omnidirectional sirens produced by Whelen Engineering.

They can be identified from the WPS-2800 series by their smaller screens, and from the WPS-2900 series by the lack of EZ-Pull handles to remove the drivers, as well as their aluminum frames vs fiberglass.


The model numbers for the WPS-2700 series count up differently from the WPS-2800 and WPS-2900 series, incrementing in the tens place (2710, 2720, etc.) rather than the ones place used by the WPS-2800 and WPS-2900 series.

Model Image Output Drivers Notes
2720 109 dBc 2
2730 112 dBc 3
2740 115 dBc 4
2750 118 dBc 5
2760 120 dBc 6
2790 121 dBc 9

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