WPS-4000 Series

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WPS-4000 Series
4004 Official.jpeg
Company Whelen Engineering
Sound output 127-130 dBc at 100 feet
Wattage WPS4003:
Tone: 1200 Voice: 1500
Tone: 1600 Voice: 2000
Tone: 3200 Voice: 4000

The WPS-4000 Series is a line of electronic sirens produced by Whelen Engineering. It consists of three models, the WPS4003, WPS4004 and WPS4008. The WPS4003 and WPS4004 are still in production, the WPS4008 is not. The WPS4003 and WPS4004 look similar from the outside. The difference between the two models is that the WPS4003 has three speaker drivers while the WPS4004 has four, which the last number of the models stands for.

Model Image Output Drivers Notes
WPS4003 4004 Official.jpeg 127[1] dBc 3
WPS4004 4004 Official.jpeg 129[2] dBc 4
WPS4008 WPS4008 Official.jpeg 130 dBc 8