WS-1000 series

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WS-1000 series
WS-1004 In Kennesaw, GA (murrfarms)
Company Whelen Engineering
Produced 1970's-1980's?
Type Electronic
Sound output ?-112 dBc at 100 feet
Wattage 125 each speaker
Product sheet


The Whelen WS-1000 series was a series of early electronic sirens produced by Whelen. The WS-1000 series was introduced around mid-70's, as Whelen Engineering became a much more supported and funded company. WS-1000 was the first series to be produced by Whelen that was intended to be used for outdoor warning services. WS-1000 series sirens are a rare find, since most of them are taken down from their lack of reliability and coverage.


The WS-1000 series came in 3 known variants;

Model Image Output dBc Drivers
WS-1002 WS-1002.png Unknown 2x125W
WS-1004 WS-1000.jpg Unknown 4x125W
WS-1008 WS1008fromad.png 112 8x125W