WS-2000 series

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WS-2000 series

A WS-2016 in Fort Wayne, IN located at Georgetown Entertainment off of State Blvd and Maplecrest Rd.

Company Whelen Engineering
Produced 1979-1990
Type Electronic
Sound output 109-115 dBc at 100 feet
Preceded by WS-1000 series (1979)
Succeeded by WPS-2700 series (1991) & Hornet

The WS-2000 series is a old series of sirens produced by Whelen Engineering. It came in the following Models: WS-2008, WS-2012, WS-2016, WS-2020, and WS-2000R. The WS-2000 series was produced from 1979 until 1991 and was Whelen's second longest-produced siren to date, behind the WPS-2800 series. The WS-2000 used basic parts for the speakers, which were made of fiberglass to increase durability. The WS-2000 series used the early analog controllers that the WS-3000 series later used upon its inception, but later used the typical analog ESC-864 controller commonly associated with this model later in its run. Several notable systems had WS-2000 series sirens, including the Perry Nuclear Generating Station in North Perry, Ohio, as well as the city of St. Louis, MO.

Other less known sirens in the WS-2000 series were the WS-2500 (which was only a prototypical model and never made it to production), and the WS-2000R, which utilized collector rings to rotate the rotator assembly a full 360 degrees, and was essentially one WS-2016 array attached to a rotator to rotate the siren assembly (the presence of collector rings inside the rotator assembly was subsequently dropped when the WS-3000 series debuted several years later). One WS-2000R is located in Ida, MI, one located in Pennsylvania that was supposedly apart oa a 'mental escape system', several were located in St. Louis, MO prior to the county upgrading its sirens in the early 2000's, one has been found in Wisconsin on an ESC-2030 controller, and a few are still in active service in Missouri. The WS-2000R was never a very popular siren with customers.

Model Image Output Drivers Notes
WS-2008 (WS-2000-109) 109 dBc 8
WS-2012 (WS-2000-112) 112 dBc 12
WS-2016 (WS-2000-115) 115 dBc 16
WS-2020 115 dBc 20
WS-400R (WS-2000R) 115 dBc 4