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508 Official.jpg
Company Federal Signal Corporation
Produced 2011-Present
Type Electromechanical
Sound output 128 dBc at 100 feet
Documentation Manual
Product sheet

The 508-128 is a uni-directional rotating siren produced by Federal Signal Corporation. The 508 name comes from the 500Hz frequency of sound it produces, deeper than its 2001-130 brethren, and the eight ports seen on the rotor and stator. This siren was born as a solution to compete with American Signal Corporation in the nuclear market due to an audible warning requirement of 500Hz, but is not limited to that market. It is quite popular among many cities looking for a new siren system.


This siren is a mash of 3 sirens bundled into one. It utilizes the rotation mechanism and collector ring assembly from last generation Thunderbolt and current generation 2001-130. It also utilizes the Eclipse-8 rotor and stator with a precisely designed projector made of fiberglass. All this ties together to make the 508-128.