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The Siren Board wiki is currently managed by The Siren Board. Moderation and administration of the wiki is separately managed from the forums, though some staff may overlap.

The Siren Board wiki aims to document and preserve the history of not only sirens themselves, but also the systems and accessories that they are used in. Those include cities, counties, nuclear power plants, radio transceivers, and other things of that nature.

Our goal is for end users to be able to lookup their city and be greeted with information on their cities history of sirens as well as current usage and system information. On top of that, we aim for the end user to be able to freely edit information which may be incorrect, as well as add information about their area if a page does not yet exist.

If you have any questions, please feel free to either send us an email or ask on our forums. We are also quite active on IRC, so feel free to join and say hello!

We hope you enjoy the wiki!

Thanks, The Siren Board Wiki Administration Team