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W.S Darley & Co, or Darley, has been a staple of the siren community for years. They have manufactured many different kinds of equipment, including Fire Department lights, Fire vehicle lights, and, of course, sirens. They manufactured several original sirens, along with rebadged sirens from Federal Signal Corporation (Then known as Federal Sign & Signal). For a brief period of time, they even rebadged sirens produced by Alerting Communicators of America! Today, they have a relatively low profile, and rebadge sirens produced by Sentry Siren Incorporated.

Older sirens produced by W.S Darley & Co Include the 3V8, the Champion, which came in both Vertical and Horizontal Versions, and the Model 5. They also had a Darley STH-10, which was similar to the Federal Signal STH-10 in the sense that they used the same chopper and stator.

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