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Eclipse8 Official.jpg
Company Federal Signal Corporation
Produced 2005-present
Type Electromechanical
Sound output 107 (Eclipse-NH), 115 (Eclipse-8) dBc at 100 feet
Preceded by STH-10 (2005)
Product sheet


The Eclipse siren was released by Federal Signal Corporation in August of 2005, succeeding their popular STH-10 which would be discontinued December of the same year. The Eclipse is an omni-directional, mid-range 8 port siren, and boasts an entirely aluminum build. The Eclipse is offered in two variants: the Eclipse-8 utilizes rectangular aluminum horns to direct sound outwards, while the Eclipse-NH lacks horns but provides more localized sound dispersion. The Eclipse is a DC siren, however it may run off of AC power with the use of a DC rectifier. Additionally, both units may be pole or roof mounted. The Eclipse-NH was listed along with the Eclipse-8 from their release up until 2013 when it was removed from their product line, becoming a special order unit.