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== Construction zone (good thing it isn't Christmas yet!) ==
== Construction zone (good thing it isn't Christmas yet!) ==
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Welcome to the new Air Raid Sirens Wiki!

To contribute to this site, please create an account at the top-right of this page as accounts from the forums will not move over here.

The admins of this wiki are videogamer, Ryan, Kasm279/Ziginox and John. If you have an issue please email or PM them by the forums.

Construction zone (good thing it isn't Christmas yet!)

Welcome to The Air Raid Sirens Wiki!

This site is about air raid sirens. Most people know what these are, and they've most likely heard the sounds, but how many can tell you what they look like?

What they weigh? How they work? Who makes them? Not many! That's why this site exists--to satisfy anyone who wants to know more about these sirens.

New reader or editor? Need help? Click here.

Did you know?

  • ...that the Surry Power Station's activation sequence for their system results in a distinct "triple windup"?
  • ...that, although having two more cells, the Modulator II 8032B is still 23.64 inches shorter than the Modulator 6048?
  • ...that the national siren system in Denmark is one of the largest single systems using Whelen sirens, with 1,078 sirens covering 80% of the country?
  • ...that the Model 2 is the oldest siren currently in production, dating back to around 1921?
  • ...that Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories, and Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, are home to two of the few sirens located north of the Arctic Circle, both STH-10s?
  • ...that, contrary to popular belief, the "2001-DC" is not a model in itself, but rather refers to battery-equipped units in general?

Selected siren

Modulator II Siren.jpeg

The Modulator II is a family of omnidirectional sirens produced by Federal Signal Corporation. The seven models can produce 106 to 124 dBc at 100 feet.


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