Modulator Siren Series

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Modulator Siren Series
Company Federal Signal Corporation
Produced 1990-2013
Type Electronic
Sound output 106-125 dBc at 100 feet
Preceded by EOWS Series
Succeeded by Modulator II

The Modulator was an electronic siren produced by Federal Signal Corporation. It is modular, containing a variable number of cells. Each active cell contains up to four (or eight) 100W compression drivers and directs sound downward to the top of the cell below it, where it is redirected outward. The bottom-most cell is a dummy to direct sound from the lowest active cell.


The model number refers to the number of active cells, minus the bottom dummy cell, and drivers, of which a cell can have up to either four or eight. The first digit refers to the number of active cells in the siren and the last two refer to the number of drivers. For instance, the MOD2008 has two active cells with four drivers each, making eight drivers, plus a dummy cell on the bottom.

Model Image Output Drivers Notes
MOD1004 106 dBc 4
MOD2008 112 dBc 8
MOD3012 115 dBc 12
MOD3024 119 dBc 24 Same cell count as the 3012, but with 8 drivers per cell.
MOD4016 118 dBc 16
MOD5020 120 dBc 20
MOD6024 121 dBc 24
MOD6032 123 dBc 32
MOD6048 125 dBc 48 These units are found with 2 controllers on it.