Sparta Township

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Sparta Township Warning System

The T-121 located at the fire station.

Type Township
Location Cromwell, IN and Kimmell, IN
Status Active
Testing dates First Monday of the month (Start of the monthly fire station meeting)
Testing times 6:30 PM at the earliest.

The Sparta Township Warning System is a system comprising of two Screamers, and a T-121. The system covers the towns of Cromwell, and Kimmell in Sparta Township, located in Noble County, Indiana. The sirens are activated by the Sparta Township Fire Department in Cromwell.


First Sirens

A Fedelcode Model 2 and a Model 5 were installed both at unknown dates. The Model 2 was used to call in volunteer fire-fighters, while the Model 5, in turn, was used for severe weather. They were both installed on one tower.

In October 2016, the Model 2 was acquired by a siren enthusiast.

System Expansion

In 2001, a couple 2001-SRN's replaced a pair of Screamers in the city of Ligonier. [1] In 2006, the old Screamers were installed in Sparta Township. One behind the Marathon Station in Cromwwell. (Burnt down in 2014) While the other Screamer was installed near the CSX tracks off of 650 West. These are the first Radio-Activated sirens installed for Sparta Township.

Station Rebuilt

In 2015, the old Sparta Township fire station was demolished to make way for a larger station. Until then, the Model 2 sat inactive with the Model 5 still being used. The sirens on the tower had to come down to make way for the new station. A replacement was needed, so a T-121 was installed. Unlike the Model 5, this new siren is now radio activated along with the Screamers.