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Official DSA.jpg
Company Federal Signal Corporation
Produced ?-present
Type Electronic
Sound output 111-121 dBc at 100 feet
Wattage 200-2400
Documentation Manual
Product sheet

The DSA, short for Directional Speaker Array, is an electronic siren produced by Federal Signal Corporation. It it comprised of speaker modules that vertically hold two to six speakers with projectors. Up to four can be installed on a mount, and at different angles, depending on coverage requirements. The DSA can be mounted on 3 different pole mount models, the DSAMK1 which holds 1 module, the DSAMK2 which holds 2 and the DSAMK4 which holds 4.[1]

A DSA 2 mounted atop the now-condemned Gallucci Residence Hall at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio. This siren was installed in March of 2008 by Federal Field Services.


Each speaker module has its own model number and output rating according to the number of speakers it has. There can be up to 4 different models on the same mount. The models are as follows.

Model Image Output Drivers Notes
DSA2 111 dBc 2
DSA3 115 dBc 3
DSA4 117 dBc 4
DSA5 119 dBc 5
DSA6 121 dBc 6