Donald C. Cook Nuclear Generating Station

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Donald C. Cook Nuclear Generating Station
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A Whelen WPS-2805 that's part of the system. Photo Credit to D. C. Cook Nuclear Plant.

Type Nuclear
Location Berrien County, Michigan.
Status Inactive
Testing dates Used to be First Saturday of Each Month
Testing times Used to be 13:00.

The Donald C. Cook Nuclear Generating Station Sirens are a network of 70 sirens located within a 10-mile radius of the Donald C. Nuclear Generating Station located in Bridgman, Michigan. There are three WPS-2750 sirens located near the plant. However most of them are WPS-2805 , and WPS-2905 and WPS-2906, sirens. These sirens are activated by Berrien County Emergency Management.

Most sirens run on 435 HZ, but a few WPS-2900's and a WPS-2805 run 560 HZ. This plant used to have P-15 and Banshee Sirens, and it is rumored that the plant also had Hurricane sirens.

As of February 2021, the siren system has been decommisisoned and replaced with an unreliable telephone alerting system.

The power plant's massive system of Whelens