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Goshen, Dunlap, Nappanee, Benton, Bristol, Washington Township and Jefferson Township Sirens.
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2001-130 in Goshen off of Dierdorff Road.

Type County
Location Goshen, Dunlap, Nappanee, Benton, Bristol, Washington Township, and Jefferson Township Indiana.
Status Active
Testing dates Every Thursday
Testing times 2:00 PM

The Goshen, Dunlap, Nappanee, Benton, Bristol, and Jefferson Township Siren System is a system of 2001 series sirens of various models. (Mainly 2001-130's and older 2001-SRN's.) A T-128, a Modulator, a 508, a Model 2, and a pair of I-Forces.

In 1993, 10 2nd generation 2001's were installed in the city of Goshen. Probably around the same time, 3 of the same siren were added in the town of Nappanee. A few years later, two 2001-SRN's were installed. One in Goshen, and another in Nappanee at the fire station, replacing a Thunderbolt. In the early 2000's a first generation 2001-SRNB was added in Dunlap, which is north of Goshen. In 2007, a 2001-SRNB and 3 2001-130's were added in Nappanee. In 2009, Goshen College didn't see that they were adequately covered, so they installed a Modulator 4016.

In 2009/2010, the Goshen 2001's were installed on new poles, rewired with rigid conduit, and were given stainless steel control boxes seen on newer 2001's. The activation system was changed to two-way with Federal Signal's Commander Digital System. In 2010-2011, 2001-130's were added to Goshen for additional coverage. In 2013, Bristol added two 2001-130's, they are also tied into the Goshen system. In 2014, Jefferson Township needed sirens, so 2 were added in 2014, and three more were added the next year. In 2014, two I-Forces were also added, this time at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds, and in the same year, a T-128 was installed in Benton to replace a Darley Model 2. It should be known that the Nappanee Fire Department activates their own sirens, but the Elkhart County 911 Center activates the sirens in Benton, Bristol, Dunlap, Jefferson Township, Goshen, New Paris, and Washington Township; despite the test times being exactly the same.

In 2017, a 508 was installed at the New Paris Fire Department, and is activated by the Elkhart County 911 Center. At a body shop in downtown that used to be a fire station in New Paris, an inactive Model 5 still stands. [1] Also, three 2001-130's were installed in Washington Township, just outside of Bristol.

In 2019, it was discovered that a Model 2 at the Harrison Township Fire Department was indeed tied into the system. The siren is roof mounted and most certainly replaced an older Model 2 at some point. It also boasts a one-way FC radio, which is uncommon in the county. It only sounds for about 10 seconds, but seeing as it is a bit of variation for the county, is still pretty cool nonetheless.