Mobil Directo

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Mobil Directo
Company Biersach & Niedermeyer Co.
Produced ~1942-1967
Type Electromechanical
Sound output 125 dBc at 100 feet
Succeeded by Allertor 125

The Mobil Directo was a siren manufactured by the Biersach & Niedermeyer Co. The siren came in two types. An Electric Motor Mobil Directo only came in a Dual Tone 10/12 port ratio. However, the Gas Motor Mobil Directo only came in an Single Tone 8 port ratio. Many gas motor units were eventually converted with an electric motor like the 10/12 port units. When the company evolved into Alerting Communicators of America the siren was evolved into the Allertor 125.

a Mobil-Directo that still retains its original gasoline engine. The engine was an air cooled Wisconsin 25HP V-4 engine.