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Sterling Siren and Fire Alarm (now known as Sentry Siren, Incorporated), was a warning siren manufacturer based out of Rochester New York. They made several lines of Outdoor Warning Sirens, including the Sterling M-Series [1] , the K-Series, and the Y-Series. The corporation also made Vehicular Sirens, smaller industrial sirens (Such as the F-2), fire department call boxes, and, for a very brief time, washing machines.

Sterling Siren and Fire Alarm opened for business in 1905 in Rochester New York, however it wasn't until the mid-to-late 1910s when the Sterling M-series siren began production. Many active examples are still found throughout the world, one of the oldest being located in Manchester, Michigan, where it serves as a display. The last M-series siren was produced around 1987, according to company records. A Sterling M-10 with a Sentry Siren mount has been found in Pandora, Ohio, possibly meaning this was the last one.

List of Outdoor Warning Sirens made by Sterling Siren and Fire Alarm

Sterling K-5 Sterling M-5 Sterling M-10 Sterling Y-10 (there could be more, this is all I have right now)