System 7000

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System 7000
Company Federal Signal Corporation
Produced 1980s-1990s
Type Electromechanical
Sound output 126-127 dBc at 100 feet
Voltage 120, 220, 240, or 480V
Succeeded by 2001-DC

System 7000 is a self-contained Thunderbolt system that is capable of operating from a municipal power supply or from the built-in engine driven AC generator. Speculation suggests that this was an idea as a failsafe system for the Thunderbolt in the case of power loss before battery-backup hit the mainstream.

The system consists of a modified Thunderbolt siren, a RadioTrol(optional), and an engine driven AC generator. The system is housed in a corrosion resistant aluminum and steel shelter. A thermostatically controlled fan is used in systems intended for use in consistently hot climates. An optional keylock switch controlled intrusion alarm system may be included to discourage unauthorized access into the system.



System 7012 utilizes model Thunderbolt 1000 and produces 2 warning signals, Steady and Wail.


System 7022 utilizes model Thunderbolt 1000T. It is nearly identical to 7012, but features a dual-tone chopper.


System 7026 utilizes model Thunderbolt 1003 and produces 6 warning signals, Steady, Alternating Steady, Pulsed Steady, Wail, Alternating Wail, and Pulsed Wail.

A System 7026 sounding off in the City of Kuwait during the Gulf War in 1991.