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Scream-Master was a company in La Verne, California during the 1950s. They made simple vertical sirens with a louvered shroud which protected the siren's chopper and motor from weather. Their sirens were mounted on a pole shaped tower, supplied by Scream-Master themselves, with a maintenance basket usually stuck on the side to make periodic maintenance easier. Many Scream-Master sirens were installed across California. They saw good sales in the early years and were praised for their simple but effective sirens. Unfortunately Scream-Master did not find much success out of California despite this strong beginning. They were another small company that couldn't keep up with the growing Federal Sign & Signal emporium and they later went out of business in the late 1950s. The most common model of siren by them is a 6/8 port omnidirectional. There have been single tone models found as well.

Located in San Jose ,California ,this is the most common model seen. This one is 6/8 port.