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Produced 2002-Present
Type Electronic Siren Controller
Preceded by MCP

The UltraVoice or UV is an electronic siren controller produced by Federal Signal Corporation for the Modulator, Modulator II, DSA, EOWS, and in-plant warning systems. The UltraVoice comes in 2 variants: UV and UVIC. The UV is for outdoor use with large speaker arrays like the Modulator, where the UVIC is for indoor use with small speakers and/or intercom systems. UV is capable of holding up to 8 UV400 400 Watt amplifiers, for a total of 3200W. The UV comes standard with 7 signals: Steady, Wail, Alternate Steady, Alternate Wail, Pulsed Steady, Pulsed Wail, and Westminster Chimes. It is offered from the factory in Single or Dual tone, however it is easily changeable after purchase. The frequencies output by the controller are usually 850Hz and 1020 Hz, but there are also customizable, as it has been seen on various Ultra-Voice controlled sirens throughout the USA that the installer set custom pitches.